Monday, February 25, 2008

Nobeltec Navigation Software Defect

Nobeltec Navigation Software Defect
Certain Nobeltec Passport chart features (including, but not limited to buoys, markers, contours, underwater obstructions, etc.) may display incorrectly, or not at all, when used in conjunction with certain Nobeltec navigation software packages, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solutions.

When affected navigation software and OEM plotter solutions are used in conjunction with affected Passport charting products certain chart features may not always and/or may not correctly display on the navigation system screen.

Missing and/or incorrectly displayed information may represent a hazard if navigators are misusing affected products by relying solely on them for primary navigation, instead of placing primary reliance on up-to-date official government charts.

For further information and correction of defects visit the following link NobeltecAlert1.pdf

Jeppesen Marine will supply, free of charge: - Corrected and updated versions of affected charting products to current users of the affected Passport Chart Versions.
- Downloadable software patches for all affected versions of Nobeltec software and OEM solutions
- Software patches for affected versions of OEM navigation software will be provided to all users in conjunction with the OEM.

For additional help in determining if your software or navigation system is affected; or to obtain corrected software, visit, or by telephone at Jeppesen Marine worldwide customer support, 1-800-732-2800 Toll free in the U.S.A.
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